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The Risk GovCon Podcast

Sep 7, 2019

With employees traveling overseas under US Government contracts, medical issues can cause stress and anxiety if not properly managed.  In this two-part series of the Risk GovCon Podcast, we discuss the management of overseas medical programs and how to effectively promote confidence in your deployed employees and family members.

Joined by Gregg Coldiron and Raul Gutierrez of Cigna International, we explore the landscape of worldwide travel and how to effectively navigate the insurance and medical treatment when traveling abroad.  

From a medical matter in a Chinese hospital to the retention and recruitment of highly sought after employees, we talk about a wide variety of scenarios and ways to overcome hurdles previously encountered.  Our guests can be contacted for additional information and details from our podcast.

Gregg Coldiron,

Raul Gutierrez,

Host:  Brian S. Smith